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24 December 06: Year end thanks on Tailpieces.

23 December 06:  Featured song changed to My Christmas Prayer.
SOF magazine 29 issued.
Christmas goodies from BFITOY.

22 December 06: Vince Eager becomes featured artist.

18 December 06:  Andrew Tween added to Sunnyside line-up and general Sunnyside  information updated.

13 December 06:  Alder Hey page updated.

12 December 06:  Pauline, our wonderful competitions editor, has kindly agreed to let set another bumper holiday quiz, which you will find here.

11 December 06:  Geoff Howlett presents the December 2006 Radio Fury dedication show.

7 December 06:  Silly Boy Blue on Bowie compilation.  Added to track listings and A to Z. and recordings list.

6 December 06: Pauline's December quiz is ready.
Featured song changed to Push Push for Anne Clifford, MS Graham, Colin Clark.
Mike Chambers' Sounds Special song changed to Blue Christmas.
Rob Dee's and Bruce Seaton's Sounds Special songs added.

5 December 06:  Sounds Special updated for December.
Pat's report and pic of Daniel added to Evesham show page.

27 November 06: Colin Paul's report of Blackpool weekend transcribed from message board.
Thanks letter for donation by Rob and crew to Alder Hey added to page.

19 November 06:  Featured song converted to RealAudio while technical problem sorted.

15 November 06:  Pat's Evesham show pics added.

14 November 06:  Featured song changed to Sleepless Nights for David.

13 November 06: When Will You Say I Love You by Roger Sea added to Sounds Special.
Problem with uploading avatars on message board fixed. 

12 November 06:  A Wondrous Place by Des O'Reilly added to Sounds Special.

8 November 06:  The History Of British Rock 'n' Roll tracks added to Radio page.
Magic Daniel's track added to Sounds Special.
BFITOY magazine issued.

7 November 06:  Alder Hey total increased to 5223.43 thanks to donation from Evesham show.

6 November 06:  Colin Paul and David Broadley guest tracks added to Sounds Special.
Bristol charity night link from front page.

5 November 06:  Keith Deverell added to all-correct competition winners.

2 November 06: Mike Chambers track added to Sounds Special

1 November 06:  October quiz result.
Sounds Special (front page) updated.

31 October 06:  Featured song ( the 125th) changed to I've Gotta Horse for Dave and Carol Pinder.

18 October 06:  Tony James radio banner added to links page.
Sound Of Fury Club meet at Mill Hill 15 October pics added.
Sunday Express feature on Joe Brown supplied by Tina Pontin.

17 October 06:  Billy Fury Live At The BBC double CD listing added to A to Z, CDs page and track listing page.  Minor corrections to A to Z.
Russ Dee's track on Sounds Special changed to I'll Never Fall In Love Again.

16 October 06:  Featured song changed to Be Mine Tonight: Jan Burch for GB.  Crank up the volume, rattle the windows, wake up the neighbours - da, da, da, da, da, da, da, daaa...diddle, diddle dom!

15 October 06:  New address for The Sound Of Fury Fan Club. (Sorry to those who have complained to me about misdirected mail, but the fan club didn't notify me.

5 October 06:  In The Ghetto by Michael Chambers added to Sounds Special on front page.

4 October 06:  Maybe Tomorrow by Jesse Garon added to Sounds Special on front page.

2 October 06: Correction to Pauline's brilliant competition.

1 October 06:  October competition.

28 September 06: Don't Cry by Mike Chambers substituted for Maybe Tomorrow in Sounds Special.

27 September 06:  A King For Tonight by Rob Dee added to Sounds Special on front page.

26 September 06:  Don't Cry by Mike Chambers added to Sounds Special on front page.
Maybe Tomorrow substituted for Don't Cry.
Sound Of Fury magazine 28 appears.
Sound of Fury club 2007 Mill Hill dates.

25 September 06: Cathy Homann's report of Mill Hill.
Featured song changed to Like I've Never Been Gone for Orenda Jane.

20 September 06:  Johnny Storme file restored in Sounds Special.
Development page on 2Is Coffee Bar includes Cliff Richard sound file.
Marie Richardson's Mill Hill pictures added.  

19 September 06:  Minor update to Mill Hill/Statue page.
Roger Sea, Russ Dee and Geoff Howlett tracks added to Sounds Special.

18 September 06:  Billy Fury At The BBC CD released.
Sheila's amazing gig guide updated.
Rob Dee becomes featured artist.

17 September 06:  Bruce Seaton's The Edge Of Reality and Dave Jay's The Day I Met Marie added to Sounds Special.

14 September 06: Sounds Special feature added to front page. (See Performers forum on new message board).

7 September 06:  August competition answers.

5 September 06:  Featured song changed to Running Around for Cliff.
On the track, A to Z, and CD pages up-dated with Dreaming details.

4 September 06:  Likely Lads HTP video added to Videos page.
Notes added to Les Carle's version of Like I've Never Been Gone on Paradise Place.
Ray Pilgrim's Embassy cover version of HTP added to Paradise Place.
Poll results.
Broken link to Radio Merseyside file fixed.
Robot video added to Backing Groups page.

3 September 06: New CD details updated.

17 August 06:  Featured song changed to Jealousy by Dave Gore.

16 August 06:  Live At The BBC CD details.

15 August 06:  Sunnyside donations updated.

14 August 06: Favourite song poll linked from front page.

11 August 06: New CD advance subscriptions closed (but you're still very welcome to order it!)

10 August 06: New CD subscriber list updated.
Notes on Ozit releases updated.

9 August 06: New CD subscriber list updated.

8 August 06: Vince Eager new release.  
New CD
subscriber list updated.

6 August 06: New CD subscriber list updated.
Sheila's amazing gig guide updated.

2 August 06:  New CD subscriber list updated.

1 August 06:  August competition.

30 July 06: New CD subscriber list updated.
July interlude solution on competition page.

27 July 06: New CD subscriber list updated.
Featured song  (120th!  Can you believe it?) changed to Once Upon A Dream: To Kath, for 40 years.

26 July 06: New CD subscriber list updated.

24 July 06: New CD subscriber list updated.

18 July 06: Picture added to Tommy Bruce's funeral service report.
Just for fun picture on competition page.

17 July 06:  Tommy Bruce's obituary from The Guardian added.
Current release (front page) changed to Give Me Your Word.

13 July 06:  Our own CD announced.

10 July 06:  Tommy Bruce died today.
June compo result

6 July 06:  Tommy Bruce becomes featured artist.
Evesham tribute show details.
Russ Dee tribute track changed to Gonna Type A Letter.

4 July 06:  Featured song changed to I'd Never Find Another You: Chippy, love Jenny. Susan James, for husband Chris.  From Jackie for Richie. From Pat for husband Dave (Dagenham).  Jean Walsh. Mark Jeffery for Trudy.

27 June 06:  Rarities CD entry updated.

22 June 07:  Minor correction to whatever next page.

20 June 07:  Sunnyside 07 page added.

19 June 06:  Billy Fury rose in full bloom.
Caption of Gallery image 115 corrected.  Thanks to Diana Roberts.

14 June 06:  Featured song changed to Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt for Brian; Margaret, Rocky, Carole, Susan and Tommy.
In Thought Of You magazine 3 issued.

13 June 06:  Rarities CD page updated.
Liverpool statue inaccessible.

12 June 06:  Two more rarities CDs announced by Ozit.

8 June 06:  Sheila's amazing gig guide updated.

7 June 06: Sunnyside 07 patron graphic on front page.
Film update, following television programme on Lisa.
Film update updated.
Daily Mail interview with Lisa.
Sound file from Lisa TV interview.

31 May 06: Answers to May quiz.
June quiz.
Featured song
changed to A Wondrous Place for  Steve Mellor (Australia), Marie Mappley

25 May 06:  April competition answers.

23 May 06:  Whatever next updated.

17 May 06:  Johnny Depp tipped to play Billy.

15 May 06:  Featured song changed to Letter Full Of Tears for Rod and Carol.

14 May 06: Ready Steady Go sound feature.  
Swinging 60s Zone link

13 May 06: Whatever next page added.

12 May 06:  I Must Be Dreaming acetate acquired.

9 May 06:  Sheila's amazing gig guide updated.
SOF magazine 27

4 May 06:  May competition.

3 May 06:  Current release (front page) changed to Don't Let A Little Pride Stand In Your Way.

2 May 06:  Halfway To Paradise show link updated on Links page and on Tribute Show page.

26 April 06:  Spencer Leigh's review of Like I've Never Been Gone play at Dingle Festival.
Child charity appeal by Jean Wycherley.
Mags' statue meet report copied from messageboard.
Featured song changed to Live I've Never Been Gone:  Steve (for Michelle in Dubai); Tricia Rich.

25 April 06: Site back on line after 36 hours.
Little Tony update.
Service outage explained.

23 April 06:  Message board bug sorted.

11 April 06:  BFITOY club's September Mill Hill date added to Together page.
Charlotte takes a bow with Vince.

10 April 06:  Sheila's amazing gig guide updated.

6 April 06:  April quiz from Pauline.

4 April 06:  Five faulty sound files fixed (thanks to Holly Ehrlich, who reported them.  One trickier one left.)
Featured song changed to Halfway To Paradise for Mick from Janet; Ray and Carole Cutting.

3 April 06:  Information on site statistics.

31 March 06:  1968 Saturday Club recording found - you heard it here first!  

30 March 06:  Geoff Howlett's Sunnyside report added.
Radio Fury link added to Sounds page.  
I Know I've Got A Heart added to featured artist page.

27 March 06:  Russ Dee's report added to Sunnyside 06 page.

24 March 06:  Amendments to Albie Wycherley entry on featured artist page.
Dave Henshaw's pictures added to Sunnyside 06 page.

23 March 06:  Featured artist changed to Jason Eddie/Albie Wycherley.
Dave Jay report added to Sunnyside report.  Geoff Howlett's pics added.

22 March 06:  Details of statue meet on April 17.
Pics by Mags and Rob added to Sunnyside report. 

21 March 06:  Sunnyside 06: first thoughts.

20 March 06:  New Brighton weekend special offer.
Alder Hey fund-raising updated.

17 March 06:  Second edition of BFITOY magazine issued.
Mill Hill/Statue meets page updated.

16 March 06:  Peter Wynne found.

15 March 06:  Jason Eddie show posted added to front page

13 March 06:  Featured song changed to A King For Tonight for Gill.

12 March 06:  Gig guide updated.

3 March 06:  February competition results.

28 February 06:  Featured song changed to Devil Or Angel for Bob Cooper.

15 February 06:  Current release sound file (linked from front page) changed to I'll Never Quite Get Over You.

9 February 06:  Featured song changed to Nobody's Child for a bumper bundle of requesters: Anthony Whitford (Chesterfield), Hazel (Staffs), Sue Hambleton (Colchester), Colin and Babs Brookes.
Location map of Travellodge and Wooden Walls Of Old England added.

7 February 06:  Report of court case of Lisa Voice's attacker from the Daily Telegraph.

6 February 06:   Attack on Lisa Voice reported in Sunday Times.
Location maps of Sunnyside, Hilton and Wooden Walls Of old England pub added to Sunnyside page.

3 February 06:  Sunnyside update - this has to be the final show.
Sheila's gig guide updated.

30 January 06:  Mags's report of BFITOY meeting at statue.

27 January 06:  Colin Paul's brilliant tribute track, The Gentle King Is Gone, added.
February competition.
Links added to official John Leyton site and Tornados site.
Battersea tribute night added to gigs guide.
Like I've Never Been Gone play in Liverpool.

24 January 06:  Featured song changed to Cross My Heart for Joyce, Roger Sligo.

16 January 06:  Vernons Girls radio programme added.

10 January 06:  Featured artist changed to Colin Paul.
Link to new Adam Faith site on Links page.

9 January 06: 50s-60s Hall Of Fame updated.

8 January 06:  Sheila's amazing gig guide updated.

4 January 06:  Christmas Trivia Quiz answers and winners. 
Featured song changed to A Thousand Stars for Alan (Australia), Helen Lambert, Colin Webb.

3 January 06: Pauline's Christmas quiz - answers and winner.