Video put on YouTube is squashed & distorted

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Video put on YouTube is squashed & distorted

Postby stratobuddy » Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:30 pm

Today I put a video onto YouTube, intending to put the link onto this forum.

Although it plays perfectly OK on my PC, on YT is is "squashed" sideways, so everything is tall and thin.

It was a re-broadcast of something that was originally shown in 4:3 format many years ago. When it was re-broadcast, the intro was in in 16:9 widescreen format, but it then changed to 4:3 format with black bars both sides of the screen so the proportions were OK.

I edited this using Windows Movie Maker and saved it in 16:9 format. This played OK on my PC using various players, with the widescreen changing to 4:3 after the intro.

I uploaded it to YT but the playback is squashed.

I also tried saving it in 4:3, but this was even worse on YouTube (and was also squashed on my own PC).

Any ideas why it is wrong on YT? It hasn't happened before with my 4:3 videos.

BTW, I edited out the widescreen intro, so my YT upload was all in 4:3.
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