After 189 songs in almost ten years,  this feature seems to have run its course, so I am suspending it.  In the future, an automatic jukebox of Fury tracks will be introduced.

Nominate your favourite track - or just one that you think others might have overlooked. I'll change the featured song at irregular intervals, and all requests will be played. 

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13 March 2011: Will The Real Man Stand Up: Jeanette Robinson.
14 February 2011: Don't Jump: Phil Jennings, for everyone who attended the Evesham gig.
1 February 2011: Once Upon A Dream: Brian, for everyone.
6 January 2011: I Love How You Love Me: Jan Burch, for Billy's fans everywhere.
21 December 2010: My Christmas Prayer: for everyone.
1 November 2010: Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt: Harry Barret.
15 September 2010: A Thousand Stars: Brian, for all fans of Billy's music. (See feature here.)
11 August 2010: Fascinating Candle Flame: Ken, for Dot. Get well soon.
6 July 2010: One Minute Woman: Dorothy, from Jack.
24 May 2010: Wedding bells: Pat (Dagenham) for husband Dave.
29 April 2010: Let's Paint The Town: for Fury fans in Oak Tree, Newton-le-Willows, in the 60s. Brian and Rose.
18 March 2010: A Million Miles From Nowhere: Phil and Carol, for all the new friends we made at the Sunnyside.
17 February 2010: I Call For My Rose: Brian (Liverpool) for wife Rose.
22 January 2010: Like I've Never Been Gone: Brian, for everyone.
(175)December 20, 2009: In Thoughts Of You: Pat, for my wife Pamela.
December 5, 2009: I'm Lost Without You: Alan Johnson.
November 14: Paralysed: Cathy, for all message board friends.
November 4: Stick Around, for Pauline Swindells (her favourite).
September 27: Didn't See The Real Thing Come Along: Moya, for Billy.
August 26: Don't Worry: Helen Lambert.
July 29, 2009: Margo: Grahame (Lincoln)
June 27: Don't Jump: Lynnette Scott.
May 27, 2009: Somebody Else's Girl: John Lancaster (Barnsley).
May 3, 2009: Nobody's Child (Dreaming CD stereo version): Annie (Tunbridge Wells); J. Manley.
April 7, 2009: Wedding Bells:  Pat (Dagenham) for husband Dave.
March 17. 2009: Halfway To Paradise: Brian Chapman for all fans.
February 15, 2009: Margo: Pat (Dagenham) for husband Dave.
January 4, 2009: Fury's Tune for John Robertson (Stoke).
December 24, 2008:  My Christmas Prayer, for everone.
December 9: Cross My Heart: Phil Jennings, for Carol, my wife of 40 years.
November 20: Be Mine Tonight: Jan Burch; Val Allen (to Tiger from Drag).
November 1, 2008:  Gonna Type A Letter: Derek Watchorn.
October 3, 2008: What Did I Do?: Pauline Swindells.
September 7, 2008: Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt: Steve Barrow.
August 15, 2008: A Thousand Stars:  Bill Watt, Stockton-on-Tees.
(See feature here.)
July 23, 2008: When Will You Say I Love You: Orenda Jane, for Billy fans everywhere.
July 4, 2008: Run To My Loving Arms:  Patrick Pass, for my wife Pamela.
June 6, 2008: I Belong To The Wind:  Lori Reeve, Canada.
May 1, 2008: Silly Boy Blue: John Keelagher.
April 1, 2008:I Call For My Rose: Margaret Dewick, for all members of the BFITOY club.
March 4, 2008: Last Night Was Made For Love: Jackie and Tony (Birmingham) and Eve.
February 6, 2008: In Thoughts Of You: Cathy Homann, for everyone on the message board.
January 17, 2008: What Am I Gonna Do: Lisa Twigger
January 1, 2008:  Give Me Your Word: Brian Chapman.
December 24, 2007:  My Christmas Prayer, for everone.
November 20, 2007: Forget Him:  Carol and Debbie (Wigan); Neil Sutton, for everyone here.
October 26, 2007:  Wedding Bells: Pat.
October 2, 2007:  Alright Goodbye: Gloria.
August 21, 2007:  Somebody Else's Girl:  Linda C.
August 6: I Must Be Dreaming:  Alan Coombe - for my family, who have spent 40 years listening to it without complaint.
July 9, 2007:  In Summer for Sophie.
June 24, 2007: Loving You: Cy Moy for Pat Young and Kaz
May 23, 2007: Lady: Maggi (Durham), Norma Parkinson-Green
April 30, 2007:  Suzanne In The Mirror: Michael J. Ramsay (Pittsburgh, USA).
April 13, 2007: What Am I Living For:  Pat for loving husband Ted.
March 28, 2007:  Because Of Love: Sheila (Poole).
March 12, 2007: Margo (Don't Go): Pat for husband Dave (Dagenham)/Patricia Davies/D. Denny for my lovely lady Margaret.
February 20, 2007: What Do You Think You're Doing Of:  Pauline Swindells.
January 31, 2007: I'll Show You: Kath Griffin.
January 17, 2007:  I'll Never Quite Get Over You: Chrissy, and Charlie Redfern.
January 2, 2007:  You're Swell:  Haze and Dave.
December 23, 2006:  My Christmas Prayer, for everyone.
December 6, 2006: Push Push: Anne Clifford, MS Graham, Colin Clark.
November 14, 2006: Sleepless Nights:  David.
125: October 31, 2006:  I've Gotta Horse:  Dave and Carol Pinder.
October 16, 2006:  Be Mine Tonight: Jan Burch for GB.
September 25, 2006:  Like I've Never Been Gone: Orenda Jane.
September 5, 2006: Running Around:  Cliff.
August 16, 2006:  Jealousy: Dave Gore.
July 27, 2006: Once Upon A Dream: To Kath, for 40 years.
July 4, 2006:  I'd Never Find Another You:  Chippy, love Jenny. Susan James, for husband Chris.  From Jackie for Richie. From Pat for husband Dave (Dagenham).  Jean Walsh. Mark Jeffery for Trudy.
June 14, 2006:  Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt: Brian; Margaret, Rocky, Carole, Susan and Tommy.
May 31, 2006:  A Wondrous Place: Steve Mellor (Australia), Marie Mappley.
May 15, 2006:  Letter Full Of Tears:  Rod and Carol.
April 26, 2006:  Like I've Never Been Gone: Steve (for Michelle in Dubai); Tricia Rich.
April 4, 2006:  Halfway To Paradise: Mick from Janet; Ray and Carole Cutting
March 13, 2006:  A King For Tonight:  Gill
February 28, 2006:  Devil Or Angel:  Bob Cooper.
February 9, 2006:  Nobody's Child: Anthony Whitford (Chesterfield), Hazel (Staffs), Sue Hambleton (Colchester), Colin and Babs Brookes.
January 24, 2006:  Cross My Heart: Joyce, Roger Sligo.
January 4, 2006:  A Thousand Stars: Alan (Australia), Helen Lambert, Colin Webb
December 23, 2005:  My Christmas Prayer for everyone. (RealAudio - click the song title.
December 11, 2005:  Your Words for Mike and Wendy (Norfolk).
November 22, 2005: Time Has Come:  Bob Taylor.
November 5, 2005: Will The Real Man Please Stand Up:  Grahame (Lincoln)
October 18, 2005:  I'm Hurting All Over: Pat Young for Rob Dee and Chris.
September 23, 2005:  Didn't See The Real Thing Come Along:  Diana (Finchley).
September 7, 2005:  Because Of Love: Hazel Ripley (Stalybridge)
August 17, 2005:  Gonna Type A Letter:  Pauline Jewell.
July 28, 2005:  In Summer:  Mary Morgan.

June 29, 2005: As this is the 100th featured song (I can hardly believe it!) this one is dedicated to Billy's mother, Mrs Jean Wycherley.  We are playing her favourite, Billy's last Top 10 entry, In Thoughts Of You.

June 8, 2005:  We Were Meant For Each Other:  Linda C, Jan Burch.
May 25, 2005: (98)  Forget Him: Carol James, Grahame and Tina Gibson; Chrissy for Norma Parkison Green.
May 11, 2005:  Sheila:  Pauline Swindells.
April 28, 2005:  That's Love:  Pat (Dagenham)
April 5, 2005:  Do You Really Love Me Too:  Lorraine Barnett
March 18, 2005:  Margo: Dave (Dagenham)
February 22, 2005:  You're Swell (Miland Joshi)  
February 4, 2005: I Will:  Pat (Worsley).
January 20, 2005:  Last Night Was Made For Love:  Jean Walsh.
January 6, 2005:  In Thoughts Of You: Orenda June.
December 23,2004:  My Christmas Prayer: Pat, for husband Dave (Dagenham) ...and everyone.
December 10, 2004:  Angel Face:  Paul Green.
November 28, 2004:  Loving You: Janet Burchett-Vass and Sharon (from Dion)
November 11, 2004:  Will The Real Man Please Stand Up:  Sharon (Huyton).
October 28, 2004: (85)  I Love How You Love Me:  Joy.
October 16, 2004:  That's Enough: Linda Cox.
September 30, 2004: Don't Let A Little Pride Stand In Your Way:  Terry Smith (Staines)
September 16, 2004:  At This Stage:  John Loaring.
September 1, 2004:  Love Or Money: Babs, and Joe and Janice.
July 27, 2004:  Magic Wonderland: Bob and Sheila Taylor.
July 12, 2004:  Open Your Arms:  James Beeby.
June 28, 2004: Magic Eyes: John Fennell for his son Scot
June 12, 2004: (77) I'm Hurtin All Over:  Caroline Davis. 
May 27, 2004: Once Upon A Dream:  Jeff, Terry Morley.
May 11, 2004: I Call For My Rose:  Debbie.
April 29, 2004: When Will You Say I Love You: Terri from Alonnisos, Greece, with love/Paul and Terri.
April 19, 2004:  I've Gotta Horse: Janet.
March 25, 2004:  Silly Boy Blue:  Debbie.
March 3, 2004:  Please Don't Go: Christine Helm
February 12 04: Don't Knock Upon My Door: Alan Brady
February 1 04:  It's You I Need: Pauline Swindells.
January 5 04: I'd Never Find Another You: Graham Rawlings for Julie/Jean Wrightington (Wigan).
23 December 03:  My Christmas Prayer

December 15, 2003: Donít Walk Away: John and Jean (Fleetwood) 
December 3, 2003: Devil Or Angel:  Kevin Lowe/Janet
November 13, 2003:  Cross My Heart:  Alan for Brian Lee/Susan James/Joyce Roberts/Barry Swann 
November 6, 2003:  Halfway To Paradise:  Pierre Petrou for Anna.
October 19, 2003:  Paradise Alley: Mags.
October 10, 2003: Baby How I Cried: Irene Bartlett
September 29, 2003: If I Lose You:  Del Mitchell
September 15, 2003:  I'm Hurting All Over:  Moya
August 29, 2003: Like Iíve Never Been Gone: Glenys Jamieson
August 17, 2003:  Margo: Margaret Broadhurst/Robert Howarth/
Pat and Dave (Dagenham)
August 10, 2003:  Be Mine Tonight: Pierre/Harry
July 29, 2003:  A Thousand Stars: Linda Hines (Croydon)
July 15, 2003: Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt:  Steve and Sandra
July 2, 2003: Running Around: Mark (Nottingham)
June 22, 2003:  Once Upon A Dream:  John (WIltshire).
June 12, 2003:  You're Swell: Michael Hands
May 28, 2003: Somebody Else's Girl: Alan/Rob Dee
May 18, 2003:  A King For Tonight: Dee
May 8, 2003: Sleepless Nights:  John Hetherington.
April 27, 2003:  Lost Without You: Anthony Adams/Sue Moulson/Gloria Rathbone/Noel Gorry
April 18, 2003:  Because Of Love: Val (Birmingham)/Dave Charlton/Angela Peacock for her Dad/Jackie  Australia)
April 11, 2003: I Will:  Dave Michael/Sandra/Linda Cox.
April 2, 2003:  Forget Him: Charlie Redfern/Graham Rawlings 
March 23, 2003: Do You Really Love Me Too:  Paul the Bulldog.
March 16, 2003:  Suzanne In The Mirror for Debbie/Barbara
March 9, 2003:  Deborah:  John.
February 23, 2003: I Love How You Love Me: Sue Cairns/John and Jean (Fleetwood).
February 10, 2003: Begin The Beguine for Pauline Swindells and Russ Deighton.
February 2, 2003: You Don't Know for Sharon
January 24, 2003:  In Thoughts Of You.  For us.
January 12, 2003:  Last Night Was Made For Love for Mags.
December 29, 2002: Nobody's Child (stereo version) for Joe and Janice, Annie  Wheeler, Tony Pearson.
December 21, 2002: My Christmas Prayer for everyone.
December 15, 2002: Don't Jump for James Clabby.
December 5, 2002:  In My Room for John Hetherington.
November 25, 2002:  Will The Real Man Please Stand Up:  John Loaring.
November 17,2002: Lady for Monique van Hove
November 1, 2002: This Little Girl Of Mine for Cheryl Rogers.
October 20, 2002: Push Push for Peter Rees.
October 9, 2002: In Thoughts Of You for Denise.
September 27, 2002: Maybe Tomorrow for Jacky Robinson.
September 16, 2002: What Am I Living For for Richard Humphrey.
September 3, 2002: Nothin' Shakin' for Dave (Birmingham).
August 15: When Will You Say I Love You for Geoff Howlett.
August 2, 2002: Devil Or Angel for Paul Morris.
July 19, 2002: King For Tonight  for Pierre. Play it LOUD, play it often.
July 4, 2002: One Step From Heaven for Shelley.
June 16, 2002: This Diamond Ring for Lindsay Winfield.
May 21, 2002: Gonna Type A Letter for Kenny McIntyre.
May 10, 2002: Halfway To Paradise for Annie Wheeler.
April 27, 2002: Like I've Never Been Gone (live) for James Beeby and Orenda June.
April 8, 2002: In Summer for Graham Harrhy.
March 21, 2002: Once Upon A Dream for Sharon.
March 7, 2002: Please Don't Go for John and Jean, Fleetwood.
February 22, 2002: Hard Times for Keith Cairns.
February 5 2002: Fury's Tune for Alan Coombe.
January 20 2002: I'll Show You for Cheryl Rogers.
January 1 2002: How Many Nights, How Many Days chosen by Ernie Sherma.
December 23: My Christmas Prayer
December 15: Turn My Back On You chosen by John Loaring
December 5: Give Me Your Word chosen by John Hetherington.
November 13: Sleepless Nights chosen by Del.
November 5: Am I Blue chosen by James Beeby.
October 15: Stick Around chosen by Pauline Swindells.
October 4: You Don't Know chosen by Janice.
September 30 2001: Be Mine Tonight chosen by Harry.